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The following are binding guidelines for all who edit on The guidelines may be modified if there is consensus for it amongst the contributing users. The owner of the website has the last word in policy disputes.

To read about specific guidelines, click on the topic you want to read about in the navigation box on the right side of the window.

Summary of the main points:

  • Pick a responsible user name. User names that are commercial ads or that are unnecessarily provoking may get blocked.
  • If you contribute in constructive ways, you’re likely to be well received.
  • Do not put up any material that isn’t your own work unless the material is public domain or otherwise licensed by the author/artist or their heirs — either generally under an open licence or specifically for
  • You have the full intellectual rights to your own work. At the same time, you accept that this is a joint project and that others may join in and furtherly modify and develop your material. You cannot retract any articles that others here have contributed to without getting their consent — but you can of course always use, develop and distribute your own material freely.
  • This is NOT a battle scene against any country, any ethnicity or any religion.

Pleace note that the guidelines are currently being modified in connection with the expansion of’s scope.